Virtual Poster Sessions changes the way we think about poster presentations and enables both presenters and those who have an interest in their research, to connect with one another more easily, in greater detail and to a broader cohort of potentially interested parties than is possible at physical events.

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...are physical poster sessions outdated?

Posters are an immensely important aspect of the scientific community. At virtually every conference, summit and exhibition you’ll find a plethora of posters and their authors eagerly awaiting engagement with the passing attendees; attendees who also need to squeeze into their busy schedule listening to the next keynote, rushing to a breakout, grabbing a coffee with colleagues, visiting the exhibits…

Taking these factors into consideration it is little surprise that presenting a poster at a physical conference can be somewhat hit and miss. Add in the fact that they have not changed since the dawn of the internet and one must ask; have posters outgrown their traditional format?

Register with virtual-posters today and start presenting your posters online without boundaries.


Reach the global scientific community, not restricted just to the conference you are attending
Save time and money, no travel, no hotels, no print cost, no conference registration fees
Engage with your audience, no need to stand by your poster for hours on end
Always display up to date research, you can edit your content at any time

Media rich content, not just a poster, you can post video/audio, links, handouts

Communicate, with a comments box you can build rapport with your peers and collaborators


There has been a drive recently for the #betterposter campaign*. This much lauded concept is to simplify the often cramped, tricky to read whilst walking, traditional poster format, so participants can more easily locate a poster which may be of interest to them and engage with the author. There’s little doubt that in terms of the user experience this will play a valuable role at future physical meetings. However, the fact remains that travel, accommodation, print costs, conference fees and lack of time is restrictive to the authors’ potential reach to collaborators, fellow researchers, industry etc. at physical events.

We strongly encourage the use of #betterposter as a critical part of your overall content on

*(founded by Mike Morrison, a PhD candidate in organisational psychology at the University of Michigan @mikemorisson on Twitter).

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